ResQmax Line Throwers

The ResQmax™ is a new generation line thrower specifically designed to deploy a line only, or an auto-inflating flotation sling & retrieval line to an otherwise inaccessible point in both land-based and maritime environments, providing an emergency response capability without putting the rescuer at risk.

  • Utilizing a patented air-thrust launcher technology, the ResQmax™ is non-pyrotechnic, re-usable, and re-fillable.
  • Launcher Assembly housings are injection molded from polycarbonate, for high impact resistance.
  • Two manual back-up systems on the auto-inflating sling assure fail-safe inflation.
  • 3000 psi / 207 bar service pressure projectiles.

The ResQmax™ line thrower comes in standard kits and can also be equipped with lines of specific strength and length to target end user requirements. This line thrower is especially useful for rescues where a heavy line is required or long distances must be breached. Operational lines can be established with ease for a variety of applications including high or low angle rescue, construction projects, and ship to ship line deployment.

As a line thrower, the ResQmax™ can deliver a variety of line types, depending on the application, over distances up to 400 feet.
As a water rescue device, it can deliver an auto-inflating flotation harness and retrieval line to a victim in the water, over distances up to 300 feet.

The safety mechanism on the launcher is "always on," re-setting automatically when a projectile is inserted. The projectile's "Push-Click" engagement allows easy reloading, even in the dark. A pressure relief burst disk prevents unsafe pressure build-up that could result from exposure to extreme heat.

Multi-Shot Capacity

Our patented nozzle-valve now permits any number of projectiles to be precharged and stored with the unit, allowing deployment of multiple projectiles in rapid succession. The ResQmax™ is designed to help you meet the requirements of the NFPA Standard 1670 Standard Operations and Training for Technical Rescue.

Making Safety Simple.