Extreme High-Angle
Stand-by Rope Rescue

High-Angle Rope Rescue

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, non-fatal injuries and illness involving falls in private industry totaled 255,750 in 1995. Additionally, 735 falls from height resulted in deaths in 1995. A total of 256,485 fall incidents in 1995 resulted in a need for some type of response, rescue or recovery effort.

In 2007 ANSI Z359.2 incorporated guidelines that require rescue after a fall into a comprehensive managed fall protection program for general industry. Employees that have their fall arrested by a personal fall protection system can be exposed to the onset of a condition know as Orthostatic Intolerance or Harnessed Induced Death in as little as five minutes.

Our teams are trained to safely rig high angle rescue stand-by on such platforms as towers, emissions stacks, powerhouse chimneys’, water towers and large industrial vessels to ensure your employees are protected while working at high elevations.

Additionally, our rescue team chiefs and captains have the ability to work with your company’s fall protection administrator to develop the rescue plan component of your company’s overall comprehensive managed fall protection program. A well-developed rescue plan will consist of the following:

  1. Identification of hazards
  2. Establishment of a plan for ensuring that notice is given when a fall occurs
  3. Victim contact is made as soon as possible
  4. Written procedures for self rescue
  5. Planned procedures for summoning a rescue service
  6. Written strategies for rescuers to perform rescue, including:
    • A. Identification of the rescue personnel who will respond
    • B. Identification of anchor points to be used
    • C. Complete instructions for performing each identified type of rescue
    • D. Equipment information- selection, care, inspection, maintenance
      and storage
    • E. Documentation of training/refresher plans
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