Confined Space Stand-by
Rescue Services

Our team members have been measured against 29 CFR 1910.146 Non-mandatory Appendix F and are fully certified to 29 CFR 1910.146 and NFPA 1006 standards as confined space rescue technicians. We are the gold standard in the rescue world with an excellent history of service since 1996.

Our teams deploy with a response level appropriate to perform up to IDLH permit required confined space rescue response with personnel and equipment suitable for your facilities specific needs. Our team members will pre-rig all permit required confined spaces (PRCS) prior to entry with state of the art rescue equipment.

MEA fields two (2) person teams for low hazard industries and projects such as tank inspection in clean and well ventilated spaces and power house projects. A minimum three (3) person team is utilized for higher hazard industries or projects that involve high-angle operations and inert entry utilizing SCBA or supplied air respiratory protection.

Our company has the ability to provide atmospheric monitoring equipment, calibration stations, intrinsically-safe ventilation equipment, PRCS entrants, attendants and supervisors for your company’s projects above and beyond the PRCS rescue teams needs.

In addition to providing rescue services, our rescue teams develop a written PRCS rescue pre-plan on each PRCS and provide hazard assessment consultation to the company’s PRCS supervisor while on site.

MEA has experience that counts when your company is preparing for an outage or turnaround in all phases of PRCS project planning and execution. Contact us to discuss the option of having an MEA planner provide PRCS operations support and project planning on your company’s next outage or turnaround.

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