H2S Stand-by Services

H2s Stand-by Services

H2S response requires a highly trained team that not only knows rescue and fire fighting, but also has an understanding of industrial hygiene principles. Our 3 person Emergency Response Teams (ERT) are made up of a multi-disciplined group with the expertise to properly assess and mitigate hazards.

Our H2S ERT members arrive on-site with a fully-equipped response unit and provide the following services to the Toolpusher and his/her crew:

  • Establishment of an exclusion zone with a marked entry point;
  • Establishment of emergency assembly areas with signs indicating such;
  • H2S safety awareness training for crew members and visitors that are not currently certified;
  • Personal H2S atmospheric monitors for crew members and visitors;
  • Area atmospheric monitoring;
  • Ventilation fans;
  • 10 minute escape packs for crew members and visitors;
  • Upon request, large air supply system for use by crews working in an H2S environment;
  • NOAA certified weather station;
  • Atmospheric modeling to develop worst-case scenario using weather station data, rig data, and computer programs (e.g., CAMEO, MARPLOT and ALOHA) to determine community evacuation contingency plan;
  • Written site-specific emergency action plan and contingency planning;
  • Colorimetric tube sampling starting at 100 feet before the formation is reached and every Kelly thereafter. This sampling protocol is continued while tripping out, until the formation has been passed out of;
  • Confined space and high-angle rope rescue equipment and trained personnel;
  • Emergency medical equipment/AED and trained first aid/CPR team members;
  • 30 pound PKW portable fire extinguishers for incipient fire fighting
  • Team members training to the 1910.120(q) Hazardous Materials Technician level; and,
  • Ability to test pits for pH levels.

Many of our team supervisors and members are Wild Well Control, Inc. trained to the Fundamental Level for Drilling with Stack Qualification of Surface through the WellCAP® Program. No other response group provides this level of service at a price that is reasonable. In addition to the above-mentioned services, we welcome the opportunity to custom-build a service contract for your company that meets any other site-specific needs you may have.

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